Rebel is in angry mood as he lambasts the mainstream music industry for failing to bring on new talent then chooses at least one artist who is pulling in his pension (but the point still stands!).

In addition, he reveals the best ska song in the world (released in 2014) and crowns the King of Rock and Roll and all the other members of the royal rock and roll family.

What else could you possibly want? Eh? Oh. Anyway, listen here or on the soundcloud thing below!

Here’s some of the physicality from the show:





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  1. These are Rebel’s selections in the order we played them:

    1. The Cambodian Space Project – Black To Gold
    2. King Tuff – Black Holes In Stereo
    3. Space – Falling In Love
    4. Stereo Electric Mistress – Ted Danson Shoes
    5. Nick Lowe – Christmas At The Airport
    6. Disperato Circo Musicale – Non Sono Alcolizzato
    7. Chumped – Hot 97 Summer Jam
    8. 10,000 Blades – Back To School
    9. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Cinnamon And Lesbians
    10. Morrissey & Marshall- Pack Up Lady
    11. Roddy Frame – White Pony
    12. Bruce Springsteen – The Ghost Of Tom Joad
    13. Against Me! – Black Me Out
    14. Morrissey – I’m Not A Man
    15. Robyn Hitchcock – The Ghost In You
    16. Hurray For The Riff Raff – Forever Is Just A Day
    17. Chuck Prophet – Love Is The Only Thing

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