You will, of course, have heard the dulcet Boltonian tones of the real musician, Ballard, on podcast number 26, where he explains that our chosen track from his Napoleon album,  Build Break Repeat had more to do with washing-machines than Lego.

bound to fucking break

bound to fucking break

The great news is that Darren Riley, for it is he, also agreed to answer of few more of our questions about his music making and glamorous rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and even put up with Rebel Rikkit’s series of ”Bolton Questions’. You can hear the whole interview interspersed with some of our other favourite Ballard tracks right here and on the s/cloud widget under these words.

Many thanks to Darren for his time and insight. We very much hope to catch him in the Dog & Partridge in the near future. For more Ballard information, please visit his bandcamp page and give generously.

Here is some live Ballard footage featuring a very natty scarf and other musicians at the recent Dogstock. Woof!

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