With the World Cup just around the corner, it is no real surprise to find the wizards shamelessly jumping on that particular bandwagon and bringing you their own Football Special podcast AND World Cup song!


Look out for a footy-flavoured selection of songs that take in the highs and, mostly, lows of following Leeds United, Bolton Wanderers and Queens Park Rangers and of being a football fan generally, an inauguration for the Rock Song for London W12 AND our World Cup song!


There are numerous claims made for the ‘best football song ever’ as some unlikely stars get a mention AND there’s our World Cup song!

ferdinand ESPT010500CLPHILJEVONS strachan

Due to some unfortunate technical glitches there will be notably less post song deliberation on show in the first half of the programme. This may well be seen by many [All? TTW Ed] as a good thing. It would, however, be a shame to miss out on the fact that Snide Swine is an anagram for one particularly loathsome short-arsed player.

Suffice to say, in a programme of two halves, the wizards done good so click here to have a listen.

Did I mention that our World Cup song is on there? Oh. Well, here it is:


A mini gallery of physicality


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  1. Here are the footy related tracks we played:

    1. Bob Wilson Anchorman – Half Man Half Biscuit (Editor’s Recommendation EP)
    2. Theme From Sparta FC – The Fall (The Complete Peel Sessions 1978 – 2004)
    3. Sir Les And The Blue Peter Garden Incident – Jegsy Dodd And The Original Sinners (Loquacious, Loquacious, Loquacious)
    4. The Ballad Of Phil Jevons – Pete Green (single)
    5. England 2 Colombia 0 – Kirsty MacColl (From Croydon To Cuba)
    6. Cardiff City Superstars Wembley Mix – Helen Love and The Super Furry Animals (single)
    7. Strachan – The Hitchers (It’s All Fun And Games ‘Til Someone Loses An Eye)
    8. We Have A Dream – Scotland 1982 World Cup Squad (single)
    9. Friday Night And The Gates Are Low – Half Man Half Biscuit (Some Call It Godcore)
    10. Here We Go Again – Bolton Wanderers Football Club (unreleased)
    11. Drive Me Down To QPR – The Loftus Roadrunners (QPR The Greatest)
    12. Leeds, Leeds, Leeds – Leeds United Team & Supporters (single)
    13. World In Motion – England New Order (single)
    14. Little Green Onion Man – The Takeovers (Bad Football)
    15. Win It For The Pensioners – Trust The Wizards (unreleased – but soon to be massive)

  2. Phil Neal also managed both Bolton and Man City…

  3. The video for World In Motion was actually filmed at Melwood, Liverpool FC’s training ground. My wife (then aged 16 and supposed to be in school at the time…) was asked to join in the video by (I think) John Barnes, as she was well known to the LFC players by being a regular visitor to Melwood back in pre-security days! I think she regrets not appearing in it now, despite not remotely being an England fan…

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