The Wizards learnt a new verb last night thanks to @Nik_sF, @AnnMarieLussier and the good folks at

The word is setlusting and it’s pretty self-explanatory. It describes the feeling you get when you read a setlist from a gig that you’re not at and feel terrible pangs of jealousy.


Watching the tweets coming in from last night’s Bruce Springsteen gig at Wembley is an excellent example. Lost in the Flood! Jackson Cage! The whole of Darkness! All of this excitement got us thinking, what would we like Bruce to play this Thursday at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

So each of the Wizards set off on a mission to create a playlist of 30(ish) songs that they would like to hear. You can listen to our Fantasy Setlists on Spotify.

Here’s Kicker of Elves’ list.

Here’s Chorizo Garbanzo’s selections.

And now Rebel Rikkit’s choices.

But of course, our nerdiness couldn’t let us stop there. We had to look more closely at the results and do some statistical analysis (with the emphasis on the anal).

Chief Wizard Kicker of Elves is the one to thank for this. He found there were 5 songs that all 3 of us wanted to hear (Glory Days, Born to Run, Thunder Road, The River, Racing in the Street).

Then there were a further 13 songs that were chosen by 2 out of the 3 wizards. (Deep breath, here goes: Seeds, Drive All Night, Sherry Darling, Spirit In The Night, My City Of Ruins, Rosalita, Promised Land, Land Of Hope & Dreams, Adam Raised A Cain,Lost In The Flood, Real World,Darkness On The Edge Of Town,Out In The Street)

That leaves another  71 songs that we all chose once. Now THAT’S a back catalogue.
Kicker is the only Wizard who’s anticipating the set opening with a cover of Ghost Town to celebrate being in Coventry.
Meanwhile, Chorizo is adamant that if Bruce is going to tip his hat to any local musician, it should be “Yodelling” Frank Ifield who used to live just over the road from the stadium.

But anyway, enough about Coventry’s rich musical heritage, here are some more cool graphs. Click on them to see them in all their full-size glory.

Bruce Springsteen graph 1

Bruce Springsteen graph 2

Right, so there you have it. We’re not sure what we can really conclude from this except there are a lot of Bruce Springsteen songs we like.

We’re off now because we’ve got to make the world’s biggest sign to fit 30 song requests on!

Bruce Drift Away sign request

Oh and if you haven’t already heard them, then make sure you check out our main Bruce podcasts.

Don’t forget to follow us for live tweets from gigs inside and queues outside the tour venues!

See you down the front at Coventry!

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  1. […] The first song group would have one purpose for me, to rock the joint to the extent that any people in front of me are so exhausted that they will not be able to stop me pushing them aside to get to the front.  My feeling is that people will get carried away and not expect to be called upon to exert themselves to that extent at the start of the concert and will flag badly towards the end of the 4th song and I can make my move.  So then we have Seeds, Dollhouse, Restless Nights and Roulette, hopefully that will finish them off and to be fair great to hear some of the songs of the fantastic Tracks box set. Of course I will be knackered and so will everyone else so we need all the slowest songs in the Bruce Cannon namely Racing In The Streets,Drive All Night, Point Blank and Streets of Philadelphia.  This also takes the mood right down and as the natural light fades our hearts are lifted and the rarely heard Streets fills the night air. Then Bruce decides that its all right playing rock and roll but this most powerful of mediums must be put to good use. He announces that he is going to change history with the power of song.  He launches into songs that address global tensions Gypsy Biker, Worlds Apart, Devils Arcade and Swallowed (In The Belly Of The Whale).  This rouses the whole crowed but we are all surprised at the end of this section when Bruce urges us all to quieten down then he issues a statement about the crisis in the Middle East and proposes a plan whereby all the nations in the area transition peacefully into free democratic states with no violence and no military involvement from the west.  He ends by getting the whole crowd to scream TESTIFY!!!! then sing Yeah………..Yeah……………. Just as the statement began a small wooden desk was brought onto the stage and Miami Steve was handed a pen and paper to write down what Bruce said and the memo is then paraded to the crowd and put in an envelope and sent to the United Nations to be enacted. Then its party time! 4 songs of dance and celebration The E Street Shuffle, Sherry darling, Glory Days and You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch).  With a justified sense of achievement all of the crowd is dancing, all the stage tricks are on show and about 500 people including me are on the stage to dance with the band. Then Bruces mood darkens, there are more problems in the world he says and why would we not use this opportunity to address them.  The band then play 4 songs to highlight the current economic crisis namely This Depression, Jack Of All Trades, Magic and The Ghost Of Tom Joad.  The small wooden table is again brought out for Miami Steve and Bruce begins another oration.  He analyses the current economic situation and sketches out a plan to implement global rules on trade and taxation that facilitates a balance between public and private activity to guarantee a world free from poverty and disease while enabling entrepreneurs to thrive free from oppressive regulation.  Again he ends with TESTIFY…YEAH………..YEAH!!!!.  Again the memo is paraded around the crowd and this time sent to the International Monetary Fund and The World Bank to be enacted. The next section is a remembrance for the fallen band members Clarence and Danny there are many breaks in the songs as members of the band come forward to tell stories about them.  To be honest it was too emotional to write about here.  Anyway they played Spirit In The Night,Shackled and Drawn, My City Of Ruins and My Love Will Not Let You Down. Then they play all my favourite songs so Rosalita (Come Out Tonight), Thunder Road, The Promised Land, Born To Run and Land Of Hope and Dreams.  During this section Bruce is passed around the whole crowd, Gary Tallent does a river dance section, Max Wienberg does Gangam Style, Nils does a Rap and Roy Bitten gets golf driver out and smashes balls containing Bruces Guitar picks into the crowd. Yes it was quite a night!!!” Dont forget all the other Bruce Related activity on the site.  Like The Bruce Special Podcast and the Album by Album Roulette  and the Bruce Setlusting […]

  2. brad cox says:

    I made a video and we want to share it we think you will like it

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