Kicker and Chorizo are out and about witnessing Josh Rouse and Sean Rowe live at Leaf in Liverpool on 23rd May 2013.  They pontificate on all things Rouse and Rowe and explore the merits of many issues, not least Rice Pudding. Hear the existential musical musings of our favourite Wizards by either right clicking to download or simply click through and listen to this link.

See below for obligatory poor quality gig photo.

Josh Rouse live at Liverpool Tea Rooms, May 2013

More info on Sean Rowe at his website here.

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  1. Pete Doyle says:

    Hi – I enjoyed your audio review of this show – I was there too – here’s mine

    • kickerofelves1 says:

      Hi Pete. Thanks for listening. We enjoyed reading your very knowledgeable review of Sean Rowe. He was a new artist for us wizards and was, as you say, very impressive. Definitely worth seeing again if he headlines. Great guitar sound.

  2. […] record:  Sean Rowe – To Leave Something Behind (7″) – me and Chozza saw this guy blow Josh Rouse off the stage last year and I’m hoping this single is as good as his […]

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