Here we are back again with podcast number 7.

Listen in wonder as the Wizards bring their unique views to bear on an eclectic range of music. Also we unveil not only the all new Trust The Wizards anthem but also the Official Rock Songs for Edinburgh and Essex and still find time to consider why mermaids have never been subjects of racial abuse and why maybe they should be.

Essex nao

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  1. Track listing: 1. Wizards Theme (Radio Show) – Stereo Electric Mistress 2. Oh Mr Peanut – Ian Dury 3. Rejected – Scott & Charlene’s Wedding 4. 25 O’clock – The Dukes Of Stratosphere 5. Grandma’s Hands – Bill Withers 6. Silent Shout – The Knife 7. The Other Side Of Town – John Prine 8. Amen Brother – The Bamboos 9. If We Wait – Guided By Voices 10. Guitar On My Mind – Duane & Miriam Eddy 11. Be Still – Robyn Hitchcock 12. Bad Weed – Junior Murvin 13. Magic Spermaids – Dorcelsius 14. Hell’s Ditch – The Pogues

    Kicker’s Questions:
    a) Which band links Manic Street Preachers (boo!) and Guided By Voices (hooray!)?
    b) Who is on the front cover of The Handsome Family’s debut album Odessa?

  2. kickerofelves1 says:

    Excellent stuff.


  3. […] aware that you showed your prejudice against myself and the rest of the Mermaid community on your last podcast.  Can I just tell you how hurt and upset I am by your thoughtless and ill informed views that do […]

  4. […] Listen to Podcast 6 to hear the Official Launch of the Campaign. There are also further updates on podcast 7 and podcast 11. Here is our map showing the songs that have been chosen so […]

  5. […] This was a charity gig where Elvis shared the stage with Nanci Griffith, Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle & John Prine. I was already very familiar with the music of Nanci, Steve & Emmylou and I’d seen those first two live quite a few times already. But the star of the night turned out to be John Prine. Before this gig, the name John Prine was only known to me from other people’s covers of his songs, in particular “Hello in There” by 10,000 Maniacs and 2 quite different versions of “Speed to the Sound of Loneliness” by Nanci Griffith and Alabama 3. But John’s storytelling and personality stole the show on this night. One of the main highlights of the evening was his song “The Other Side of Town” which we played and discussed on podcast number 6. […]

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