In a year that has seemed to be full of departures, whether literal, temporary or permanent, it has been reassuring to find once again that great new music keeps on arriving.

In his annual round up, our Kicker narrows it down to his favourite 24 tracks of the year, split across two podcasts for your bitesize enjoyment.

Just click on the two pictures below to find a link to stream or download each half of the show.

Turn away now if you don’t want to know what was played. Otherwise, here’s the run down:

  1. Robyn Hitchcock – Midnight Tram To Nowhere
  2. The Wedding Present – We All Came From The Sea
  3. Hercules Fence – Someone
  4. Aldous Harding – Fever
  5. Royal Chant – Rhetorical Homecoming Queen
  6. Guided By Voices – Climbing A Ramp
  7. The Cool Greenhouse – Sod’s Toastie
  8. Toni Tubna with The Stockholm Tuba Sect – The Mayor Of Bridlington
  9. Martha – Baby, Does Your Heart Sink?
  10. The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Slow Torture Of An Hourly Wage
  11. Sprints – Delia Smith
  12. Julian Cope – Cunts Can Fuck Off
  13. Half Man Half Biscuit – Grafting Haddock In The George
  14. Pixy Jones -Bad Throat
  15. Babybird – In The Land Of The Rising Son
  16. Cassels – Dog Drops Bone
  17. Dumb – Pull Me Up
  18. Yard Act – Dead Horse
  19. The Vat Egg Imposition – Safe In The North
  20. The Humdrum Express – One Man’s Tat (Is Another Man’s Treasure)
  21. The Bug Club – Six O’Clock News
  22. Simon Love -L-O-T-H-A-R-I-O
  23. Telefis – We See Showbands/The Carthaginians
  24. Rodney Cromwell – The Winter Palace

The physicality (where there was some):

As always, we urge you to support all the wonderful musicians involved in making our lives more tolerable by seeking them out on bandcamp (using the links above where available) or elsewhere, and BUYING their stuff.

Streaming is for wimps. Thanks.

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Wizard-in-Chief for Trust The Wizards music podcast and blog. Guided By Voices fanatic.

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  1. […] full run down of all my favourite songs can be heard on one of our end of the year podcasts – the Kicker one – and, well, it’s not every year that a song you co-wrote 34 years ago gets covered by, […]

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