In 2019, I saw my favourite band play live for the first time in 20 years. The next day I met my musical hero in a record shop and then saw my favourite band play live for the first time in 24 hours. The rest of my musical year was pretty not bad either: I got to see the best Scottish band ever play just down the road, met another musical legend and bought far too many records than could ever really be justified.



From these records, I have narrowed it down to a CD’s worth (plus a couple of extras) to play to my fellow wizard Chorizo Garbanzo and at some point test him on his knowledge of musical punctuation – SPOILER: he does quite admirably.

You can listen to the whole shebang right here:


Alternatively, you can just imagine the whole thing with, no doubt, improved witty chat between songs by reading through the tracklist here:

  1. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – The Best Of Folks
  2. Guided By Voices – Ego Central High
  3. The Gotobeds – On Loan
  4. Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage – LPs
  5. Richard Dawson – Two Halves
  6. David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights – Looks Like I’m Running Out
  7. Babybird – Cave In
  8. Purple Mountains – All My Happiness Is Gone
  9. Fontaines D.C. – Big
  10. Tropical Fuck Storm – Braindrops
  11. Robert Forster – Crazy Jane And The Day Of Judgement
  12. Von Hayes – December Sun
  13. Robyn Hitchcock & Andy Partridge – Flight Attendants, Please Prepare For Love
  14. Kneeling In Piss – USA Will Start Another War
  15. Comet Gain – Bad Nite At The Mustache
  16. The Cool Greenhouse – Landlords
  17. Honey Radar – Cornflake ESP
  18. Bill Callahan – Tugboats & Tumbleweeds
  19. Lankum – Katie Cruel
  20. Guided By Voices – The Rally Boys
  21. Craven Faults – Ings


What all the cool kids are listening to…


If you enjoyed this podcast, watch out for a quick sharp follow up with Chorizo’s Best of 2019 soon upon us, and if you didn’t enjoy this one, you’ll be relieved to know the next one is much better.

Lists of more of my favourite stuff from 2019 can be found here:


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  3. Hmm, GBV was at Village Underground, not the Windmill!

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