Official confirmation is received that this podcast is the most listened to, most profitable, most sexually attractive and can be used to clean dishwashers.  More official facts supplied by reliable sources included (yawn Fake News Alert: Ed)

Indeed more wild claims and wild sounds from the wizards curated loins to listen to and download here

Or listen and download from soundcloud below.



Notes and Tracklist

30 seconds: Alternate Facts, Mush Buy Here

9 Minutes: You Told A Fib, Gene Vincent

13 Minutes: The Dopper Effect, Orkestra Del Sol (Fill your Honkcore boots here)

18 Mintes: Go, The Apples in Stereo (Why not Go to their Facebook page)

22 Minutes: Discussion regarding the Architecture on the Apples in Stereo Album Cover and the Doppler Effect

A rare instance of architecture in pop

29 Minutes: Dancing With His Dad, Gavin Osborn. Buy Here

Why not join the tour or join the Wizards at the gig in chester full details here

34 Minutes: Rebel has a massive rant about the John Cale Performance at the Liverpool Sound City event (other opinions are available) But they are wrong.

45 Minutes: There She Goes Again, The Velvet Underground (Judge the performance for yourself or sing a long a Heroin)

50 Minutes: Turn Off The Moon,The Primitives, Buy Here 

53 Minutes: Wasted on You, Lizard McGee buy Here

58 Minutes: Striped White Jets, Guided By Voices,

62 Minutes: Too Sad to Be Young, The New Faith Watch the discussed video here buy here

66 Minutes: Review of Soulson the new Album by Damien Dempsey

Signed with poster but beware no download code

81 Minutes: Soft Rain, Damien Dempsey Buy a signed copy here (still available at time of posting)

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  1. Some great tunes as usual, and an ace new discovery in Gavin Osborn

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