One month ago I went to see Elvis Costello & The Imposters at the Liverpool Olympia. This was the 29th time I’ve seen Elvis and at some point I’ll write a proper review of the show to go with my various articles posted previously on this site.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a standing Elvis Costello gig and having got there early I was able to get a standing spot right on the barrier. I chose to stand on Steve Nieve’s side of the stage so I could watch the maestro at work.

A lot has happened in the month since that night! For millions of people, the world is not really the same now as we thought it was then. This virus has forced change on people in ways we didn’t imagine were possible just a month ago and we are living in difficult times with unprecedented use of the word unprecedented.

But since this whole thing started I’ve been getting my daily respite from the distressing events by spending time every day with the very same Steve Nieve. He’s been doing a live broadcast on his Facebook channel every day and I strongly recommend you start tuning in.

Each day he’s joined by his wife Muriel and their son Ajuq. They play all kinds of things. Versions of Elvis Costello songs both well-known and obscure, Steve’s own compositions, covers of Beatles Bowie Elton Abba Squeeze etc. Ajuq is an excellent singer and drummer. Muriel sings too when they can persuade her. She did a breathtaking version of Indoor Fireworks a few days ago. Last week Steve asked people to send him 5 notes and then he improvised pieces based around those. The man’s improvisational and interpretative skills are just incredible.

We’re all going to be stuck at home for a while so it’s important to have some things to look forward to. These broadcasts are a highlight of my day so why not make it a highlight of yours too.

You can watch live at 6pm each day at Steve’s Facebook page. You can also find videos of all previous shows there.

You can also watch live on Ajuq’s Instagram.

While you’re here, have a read of this interview I did with Steve a few years ago.


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