Only 2 Wizards on the show as rumours of the death of Kicker O Elves continue to be denied.

The remaining Wizards struggle on, reflecting on how Chuck Prophet plays guitar solos with a duck walking head? How do you construct a Eric Clapton compilation that would keep anyone awake and how to navigate East Sussex?

What nonsense you say! And your right and you can listen to it here and down below.

Physicality! Not Arf!

6 pounds worth of prime Tremolo Ghost

Chuck all badged up!

Does this machine kill fascists?

Top Timbre

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  1. Excellent stuff. I particularly enjoyed the last 5 minutes or so. Some factual corrections though: Tremolo Ghosts are, as you say, Bristol based, but originally from Swansea not Cardiff. Also, Diego Billordo made contact with Spare Snare through Facebook at almost exactly the same time he contacted me. I had shared a song from his Revoltoso Anti Folk LP in Feb 2015 and made some comparison with GBV that he picked up on. He was a HUGE Spare Snare fan from back in the mid 90s, so I can’t claim credit for putting them in touch. We did though give him an airing on the podcast before he went all world tour on us.

    Oh, and where is the track listing, eh?

  2. An enjoyable podcast, as ever. Sadly it’s missing a crucial component that helped make these podcasts special for me. Yes, the track listing.

    OK, sad to be missing KOE as well, especially as that seems a permanent move 😦

  3. Track listing:
    The Damned – Looking at You (live)
    Chuck Prophet – In The Mausoleum (For Alan Vega)
    Suicide – Ghost Rider
    Robyn Hitchcock – Mad Shelley’s Letterbox
    SWIMM – Tougher Than The Rest
    Radio KWG – Intoxication Honey
    Max Gomez – Love Will Find A Way
    Keywest – iGeneration
    Vassals – Ghostwood
    Angus Munro – Equaliza
    Tremolo Ghosts – The Hard Way
    Guided By Voices – Exit Flagger

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