Our intrepid wizard Chorizo Garbanzo reports back from a night of psychedelic wonder at The Kazimier in Liverpool.

Click here to download his review.

This is the Moon Duo video that Chorizo was so excited about.

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About chorizogarbanzo

One of the Wizards on the legendary Trust The Wizards podcast. www.trustthewizards.com

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  1. The song that sounded like Captain Beefheart (I thought it was him at first too!) was actually The Edgar Broughton Band

  2. […] were a young band from Santiago, Chile called Follakzoid. They are labelmates of the wonderful Moon Duo and they plough a similar musical furrow. I first heard them a couple of years ago when they […]

  3. […] was one of my top tracks of 2014 and featured on our podcast number 32. I caught them live supporting Moon Duo in May and was dazzled by the innovative combo of cut-up messed-up found VHS footage and distorted vocals […]

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