A while ago, chief wizards Kicker of Elves laid down the gauntlet of who could find the weirdest pairings in their vinyl or CD collection.

He was after 2 artists that were filed next to each other alphabetically but didn’t sit comfortably together musically.

Here are a few photos of incongruous neighbours in my CDs.


The gangsta rap of N.W.A. sandwiched between 90s punks The Nubiles and fellow QPR fan Michael Nyman’s soundtrack to The Piano. Straight outta Campion!!


Mexican accordionist and Ry Cooder collaborator Flaco Jimenez in between “Gordon is a Moron” legend Jilted John and Morrissey’s favourite Bowie-alike Jobriath.


The Queen of Hammersmith Odeon Kate Bush next to William Burrough’s wonderfully foul mouthed collaboration with The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.


Jimmy Cliff and Patsy Cline. What a duet they could’ve done.


Gorblimey Cockernee kneesup merchants Chas and Dave meet superstar DJs The Chemical Brothers. That collaboration is probably best left in my imagination. Gertcha!!


Beardstroke inducing jazzer Charles Mingus comes up against Kylie Minogue (a.k.a. “you like minge” for all you anagram fans)


Parsons, Partridge and Pavement. Wasn’t that the title of a Heaven 17 album?

Over to you now reader, I’ve shown you mine so now you show me yours.

Have a listen to our playlist to see how these neighbours sounds together. Partridge unavailable on Spotify so we’ve included his theme song instead.

About chorizogarbanzo

One of the Wizards on the legendary Trust The Wizards podcast. www.trustthewizards.com

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