And so it was that our four young, ahem, intrepid explorers ventured far from their home in the city of two birds near the sea across unmarked territory to the mythical land of the druids (you do know Wales IS real, right? – TTW Ed), finding themselves beyond the ken of the Sat Navaho and deep into the place where the people who feed on the fruits of the sea come to pay homage at the feet of those they call the Sendelicans.

Yes, it was Crabstock! The now annual event showcasing the fantastic Fruits de Mer label and a mix of the best psychedelic/acid folk/krautrock/space rock bands currently releasing stuff on green, red, or in fact just about any colour you care to name (even black) vinyl, doing it live for the masses. This time in Cardigan.

the keenest punters

the keenest punters

Listen as the travellers discuss what little they know about the bands on show before, fortunately, getting real information from an authoritative source. Then thrill as the tired few reflect on a full 7 hours of music, 5 bands and a lot of Crabstock beer (the Mantle Brewery is now in shortage crisis) from the friendliest show in this, or any,  town.

a strange brew

a strange brew

What I mean is, have a listen to our review of Crabstock including an exclusive interview with Fruits de Mer head honcho, Keith Jones, and an explanation of why you should have to sign up for all future Fdm releases and any Crabstocks coming your way.

a typical goodie bag hoard

a typical goodie bag hoard

Just click here to listen and download and let the fun begin.

Here is the requisite pictorial evidence that this all really did happen (courtesy of the finely focussed camera of new friend of the pod, Alice Springs – boooiiinnnggg!!!!).

just one of two great capes

jack in just one of two great capes

top frock

top frocking jacqueline

james with the open mind

james with the open mind

earthling society rocks

an earthling society meeting in full flow

ma & pa de mer approve

ma & pa de mer approve

a sendelican enjoying his joystick

a sendelican enjoying his joystick far too much


full sendelica freak out


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  1. Of course, Kicker, playing the Rikkit role, confused the Sendelican theremin with a mellotron. The fool.

    So, what exactly is a mellotron, then? Garbanzo? And does this all explain/excuse the joystick?

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