Rebel and Kicker engage in an evening of communal singing and are generally blown away by the power of Damien Dempsey and band.

giving it loads

giving it loads

They also enjoy the other surprising names on the bill: Morrissey (not that one) and Marshall (not a guitar amplifier).

m and m

m and m

Listen to the wizards’ pre- and post-gig thoughts either by clicking here [audio]

or clicking here or right clicking here and downloading the file.  I am sure you can sort that out. In any case, it’s all good.

you're the cure

you’re the cure

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  1. What would you say the best Damian Dempsey album is? I’ve only got “To Hell Or Barbados”

  2. Nice one fellas. Sounds like you had a great time.
    I first encountered DD supporting Sinead O’Connor at Guildford Civic Hall in 2003 and again at Hammersmith Odeon soon after.
    Mrs G and me were very impressed and we bought a couple of his CDs and then went to see him as headliner in one of the smaller Manchester Academy venues. That night Carina Round was supporting and I remember her actually being even better than DD! (I think James Blunt might’ve been the other support act).
    Also saw him again as support at one of the Pogues Xmas gigs at Brixton Academy but I was suitably boozed up that time and not paying much attention.
    Really enjoyed hearing Sing Your Cares Away again. What a song. As I’m sure you know, the Proclaimers do a good version of that. It also crops up in Tyrannosaur which is a brilliant film, well worth checking out but not exactly a date movie. (directed by GBV enthusiast Paddy Considine)

  3. […] one (Another seamless link – TTW Ed.), this is the real Irish Morrissey who Rebel and I saw supporting Damien Dempsey in February with his mate Marshall and moved me to buy their debut album And So It Began, which […]

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