It’s so festive now with only 4 sleeps till the big man races down the chimney to answer all our prayers.  Over here I am being deafened by sleigh bells and you can’t move for elves drunk on egg nog, bleeding from their hands from decking all the halls with holly.  I am sure it’s the same where you are.

So to keep this mood going we should all hail…  HAIL!… the man who claimed 2012 for himself with the outstanding Temple Beautiful album that was crammed with the best rock ‘n ‘roll known to humankind!

All the wizards featured this stunning album in their best of year mixes, but the most almighty tune (guitar riff and call to arms!) was this: Castro Halloween.  Take It Chuck!!!

You have to stay with this for duelling solos at the end.  You have to!

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