The wizards survive £4 pints and marauding gangs in downtown Liverpool to bring you a final live gig review of the year.

sorry, how much for a pint?

sorry, how much?

They tell you all they know about Yo La Tengo (which in one particular case is seemingly quite a lot) and then reflect on a very much schizophrenic sonic performance that saw the band support themselves and blast eardrums across Merseyside.

You can hear all that right here and enjoy the full multi-media experience with steady handheld video and dodgy photos below.

the support band

the support band

Further to the recording, we are also pleased to bring you the full setlist (and not just some of the words in the song titles) and confirm that Frenzy was a cover of The Fugs song.

The setlist


1. Ohm

2. Two Trains

3. Detouring America With Horns

4. Gentle Hour

5. From Black To Blue

6. The Point Of It

7. Cornelia And Jane

8. I’ll Be Around

9. Big Day Coming


10. Stupid Things

11. False Alarm

12. Super Kiwi

13. Is That Enough

14. Beanbag Chair

15. Before We Run

16. Sugarcube

17. Decora

18. Ohm

19. Pass The Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind

20. Nothing To Hide

21. Frenzy (The Fugs cover)

22. Behind That Locked Door (George Harrison cover)

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