I was only in Aldi for a brief visit this afternoon, but during that time I saw:

  • a middle-aged bloke wearing a Union Jack Sex Pistols tshirt
  • a teenager in a leather jacket with various band logos on the back, most of which I didn’t recognise but I couldn’t miss the Dead Kennedys one
  • a bloke wearing what I thought was a Burnley shirt. (Maybe it was their manager Sean Dyche who guested on our podcast last month!) But when I got closer I realised it was a West Ham styled Cockney Rejects shirt. The bloke wearing it even made a comment on my punk attire as well (the “Strummerville” top shown in my photo on this page)

So including me, that makes 4 punk rockers in 5 minutes. A hit rate of 1 punk every 75 seconds!

But that wasn’t even it! In the car park outside I saw another bloke sporting a grey Buzzcocks tshirt. Looked pristine so I’m guessing it’s from a recent tour.

Old punks never die, they just like to pay less for their groceries.

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One of the Wizards on the legendary Trust The Wizards podcast. www.trustthewizards.com

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  1. […] Punk’s not dead, it’s just gone to Aldi […]

  2. […] Punk’s not dead, it’s just gone to Aldi […]

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