After a lengthy hiatus, the wizards are back and making as much sense as they normally do. With a mixture of mikmakmoks and babababas, they have all the gibberish you have come to expect.

Along with a whole bunch of fantastic tunes, there are in-depth discussions about what constitutes a decent album credit, the big question of ants v worms, what it is that nobody really needs help with, not ever soul singers, and news that Kicker will soon be unable to locate any record ever again. Oh, and I’ve been told to place here a photo of a QPR legend…

You can hear all the good stuff right here and right down there in a show that we dedicate to Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.

Turn away now if you don’t want to know what’s coming up. Otherwise, here’s what we played:

  1. Julian Cope – Mik Mak Mok
  2. The Helicopter Of The Holy Ghost – Tony Got A Car
  3. Solomon Burke – Get Up And Do Something For Yourself
  4. Guided By Voices – Ant Repellent
  5. Scott Lavene – Worms
  6. The Siddeleys – Sunshine Thuggery
  7. Los Bitchos – The Link Is About To Die
  8. The Chills – Background Affair
  9. Slonk – Holidays
  10. The Lazy Eyes – Where’s My Brain???
  11. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – Panic In Babylon

The physicality: (where we had some):

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Wizard-in-Chief for Trust The Wizards music podcast and blog. Guided By Voices fanatic.

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