I think I’ll roll another number for the road, I feel able to get under any load generate a Robert Pollard song title.

Oh, yes, plenty of fun and games on this show. There’s even a quiz where you are challenged to pick the most trustworthy from the likes of these two goodmen.

Find your way to the music, the quiz and the usual jibber-jabber by appropriately clicking on one (or all) of the links below:

Side A

Side B

Turn away now if you don’t want to know what’s coming up. Otherwise, here’s what we played:

  1. Cub Scout Bowling Pins – Funnel Cake Museum
  2. The Leaf Library – No Memories, No Plans (Clause Four Remix)
  3. Clive Zanda – Ogun
  4. Men I Trust – Found Me
  5. Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band – Josephine
  6. Ballboy – The Angels
  7. The Paragons – Abba
  8. Attica Blues – Tender (The Final Story)
  9. Wake Up – Define Myself
  10. Kinky Machine – Pissing In The Snow

The physicality (where we had some):

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  1. nickreeves says:

    Is the answer Benny Hill?

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