To liven up the notoriously tedious period between Christmas and New Year, here’s something to listen to while you’re going through cold turkey sandwiches.  
The year in general may have been a bit of a stinker but Chorizo Garbanzo reckons it’s been a great year for new music and here are some of his favourites.

You can hear Chorizo’s selections on two more preserve-packed sides of the show below:

Side A and Side B

Turn away now if you don’t want to know what’s on the list. Otherwise, here’s the run down:

  1. Do Nothing – New Life
  2. The Magic Wizard – Driving Down To Hastings
  3. John MOuse – The Raven Argonette
  4. Seazoo – Heading Out
  5. Squid – Sludge
  6. Lime – Surf N Turf
  7. Melenas – Ciencia Ficcion
  8. The Just Joans – The One I Loathe The Least
  9. Girobabies – Fetching Pitchfork
  10. Snowgoose – Everything
  11. The Glowe – You’ve Got Flies In Yr Eyes
  12. Gordon Koang – Te Ke Mi Thile Ji Kuoth Nhial
  13. So Cow – 108 FM
  14. Emma Kupa – Hey Love
  15. 10Tigers – Owned
  16. Loose Tooth – Lonely
  17. The Wind-up Birds – All The Gate Kickers
  18. Raf Rundell – Monsterpiece
  19. Stephen Malkmus – Signal Western
  20. Jockstrap – Acid
  21. Lost Horizons (Feat. The Hempolics) – I Woke Up With An Open Heart
  22. The Vat Egg Imposition – Sheriff Of Nottingham
  23. Sports Team – Going Soft
  24. Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom – The Robots vs. Mrs. Patel

The physicality (where there was some):

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