Lancaster’s finest pan-galactic garage rockers Three Dimensional Tanx have got a new video out and we are most honoured to premiere it on our website.

Have a watch of it here then read our interview with video director Luke Woolley below.

CG: How did you get the job of making the video?

LW:  I just asked them! I’m one of those people that still buys magazines like Mojo and Uncut. I stumbled across a review for 3D Tanx latest album so I bought that and asked them if I could make the video. I struck lucky as Richard was kind enough to reply and allow it to happen. He also donated his acting skills, although you may not have seen him as the band were in disguise as tortilla people, and in another clip, he was in a wig.

CG: What equipment did you use?

I am ashamed to say I’ve had to resort to my phone with the last couple I have made. My camera broke and I need some funds for some new kit. But in all fairness, its a decent camera and a good size, for fitting into the sets that I couldnt have done with my old camera (RIP). Also a lot of the videos i have been making are on a shoestring budget and luckily I have an 18 month son, so I robbed his toys for this particular video.

CG: Why did you choose that song?

Mainly down to the title,I came up with a sci fi idea based on a “chemical cubicle” (which I am now obliged to spell as “cubical” because I believe Spacey liked it that way and I can see why.)

I just pictured another galaxy within that cubical and they needed to bait Spacey into joining them in their astral plane.

CG: What are you favourite music videos? 

A tricky one, earliest one that stuck in my mind would have been Sledgehammer. That video is a classic with the stop motion around Mr Gabriel’s Head and how long it must have taken. Michel Gondry’s videos are always great to watch, (e.g. Daft Punk, White Stripes). Also the Aphex Twin videos by Chris Cunningham. Recently I would have to say Tongues by Joywave was a great music video. That was by Daniels, who made the film Swiss Army Man.

I like seeing what directors interpretations of songs are. I imagine its nice for the band to see what other people see in their music too.

TTW: What would be your dream video project?

I’m just chuffed I have managed to make the ones I have so far! Especially because I’ve been making videos for the music that I like, so that definitely helps with the creative process. I have been lucky to make one for Jeffrey Lewis earlier this year, which was a bit of a dream project, as I have been a fan of his since the early 00’s. That should be out soon hopefully and I’m also making another one for him. I think I would have to say a video for Gruff Rhys, Pixies or Eels would be a bit of a dream job. Or The Kinks if they ever decide to chuck out a new album. But I reckon I’d need more of a budget for the old fellas. I think Ty Segall is great too. He would be good to work with as his music is quite varied between albums. But as long as I can keep making them, then I’m happy.

TTW: 3D Tanx have a lot of space travel in their lyrics. Do you think there’s life on other planets? 

Definitely. I still think we are all aliens pissing off the natives to this earth; the trees, hence them going underground and working on something with their wee tentacle arms.

TTW: What do you think alien lifeforms look like?

I reckon they will look like slices of bread with different races being granary, white, sourdough etc.

CG: The sport of cricket. Is it any good or is it a load of bollocks?

I’m afraid cricket is bollocks. But genius, as its the best hobby man has invented, as you can just piss about in a field for hours and no one seems to care. I need to take up cricket.

  • Here are some more of Luke’s videos:

Lots more of this kind of thing on Luke’s YouTube channel.

Also check out our interview with Three Dimensional Tanx here.


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