The Wizards thought about Christmas shopping then realised it was their duty to serve up a present for the listeners ears.  However only one of them turned up however as Lenin said “Fewer, Better But Fewer”.

Gotta Love a Revolution

Chorizo is flying solo on this one and what a magnificent job he makes of it!

Enjoy by clicking here or visiting Soundcloud down below.





Hangin’ Round (demo version) – Lou Reed

Hanging Around – The Stranglers

Eviscerator – Baby Arms

The Music – Enderby’s Room

Chicken – Suggested Friends

Cupid – The Big Moon

Lemonade – Porridge Radio

Bury Your Young – Flies and Flies

So Dave Called – Gavin Osborn

A Fran Escaped – The Surfing Magazines

Kung Fu – Ash

Geoff – Philip Jeays


You wait ages for a Trust the Wizards podcast and then 2 come along at once. Come back to the site again in a few days time for Chorizo’s “favourite songs of 2017” podcast.




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