Unable to rouse his fellow wizards in this season of hangovers, Kicker ropes in Kicker Jr to be on the receiving end of a definitive selection of the best songs of 2016.


Things kick off with a challenging instrumental (and gratuitous swearing) as Kicker throws down the obscurist’s obscurist gauntlet with 2 selections that have had no commercial release at all. Take that record labels! Some proper musicians also share their favourite songs of the year with us, so prepare to add to your must listen lists.

All the goodness can be heard here and there…

This is the physicality played where there was physicality to play:

As there were no other wizards around, Kicker also played one extra (long) track at the end, which would have made the cut if only CDs stretched to 90 minutes.

Here it is being made:

and this is the finished product:



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  1. Kicker’s favourite tracks of 2016 were (in the order played):

    1. Ichi – 2 Klaxons
    2. Kappa Chow – Punk As Fuck
    3. The Thyme Machine – His Favourite Band
    4. Guided By Voices – Glittering Parliaments
    5. The Julie Ruin – I’m Done
    6. Motorama – Holy Day
    7. Joseph Airport – Lend Me Your Ears
    8. Babybird – Would I Fuck
    9. Dog, Paper, Submarine – Popgun
    10. Pulco – Brunswick
    11. Lou Barlow – Anniversary Song
    12. Barlow – Carriers
    13. The Wave Pictures – Panama Hat
    14. Badgertrap – Just Like School
    15. Eureka California – Realizing Your Actuality
    16. Tremolo Ghosts – Nothing Comes To Life At The Natural History Museum
    17. ESP Ohio – Weakened By A Logical Mind
    18. The Moles – Beauty Queen Of Watts
    19. Yak – Harbour The Feeling
    20. The Nosuns – Hanna McNim
    21. Drive-By Truckers – What It Means
    22. Rob Rapp – Basket Of Deplorables
    23. Lambchop – In Care Of 8675309
    24. Art Of The Memory Palace – Your Soul Is Not A Bird (Parts 1 & 2)

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  3. rebelrikkit says:

    Great Stuff Kicker good mix of the unexpected, incomprehensible with solid tuneful ballast. I have also gone for the Drive By Truckers track in my best of year, however thats where the actual crossover stops. I have to say that against all the odds the ICHI track is actually great although Young Sammy Rikket says you would not want to hear it first thing in the morning. Of the rest Babybird was fantastic (thanks for editing down his outpost for us) the pollard related tracks were great (I think he is improving with Age), a special mention to Kappa Chow, Yak and Barlow who were new to me an excellent. However the highlight has to be the Thyme Machine secret track amazing story. Now I must be gone and try and get through the 2 mammoth closers! Cheers

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