Finally, the wizards break their silence to launch their first podcast of 2016, and it’s a (safe) cracker.


ooh, that looks pricey

On the show, there’s a proper exclusive from deep inside the vaults as well as eyewitness reportage from Rough Trade East, and a doffing of the pointy wizards’ hats to the recently departed.

All that and a whole bunch more can be heard here and down there:

Some of the physicality we played looks like this:

Please do also have a look at these sites, should you wish to help fund Thomas Fekete’s treatment.

Surfer Blood


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  1. The songs we played were:

    1. The Specials – (Dawning Of) A New Era
    2. Guided By Voices – Motor Away (Live)
    3. The Thermals – Hey You
    4. Tindersticks – Help Yourself
    5. Tammi Terrell – Two Can Have A Party
    6. Clem Snide – Happy Birthday
    7. The Clash – Groovy Times
    8. Flotation Toy Warning – Fire Engine On Fire Pt.1
    9. The Tsunamis – Elimination
    10. Smug Brothers – Glamour Suitcase
    11. David Bowie – It’s No Game (Part 1)
    12. David Bowie – Wild Is The Wind

    Kicker’s Questions were:

    a) Bruce Springsteen has been quoted as saying “If Elvis came back from the dead, he’d sound like this” about which song released in 1977? [The actual wording on the show may have suggested Bruce was a bit quick off the mark with The King only just gone. TTW would like to reiterate that this was not the case.]

    b) Only 2 songs appeared in John Peel’s Festive Fifty performed by 2 different artists. One was Shipbuilding – both the Elvis Costello and Robert Wyatt versions – but what was the other song and who performed it?

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