Alright then, pop pickers, sort this one out.

We’ve got spelling’s own Julee Cruise with the theme from some TV programme or other and a nugget of all-girl garage punk from The Pleasure Seekers. Now, of course, you’ll recognise Suzi Q in the latter band portrait, but that ain’t the link, so keep digging.

Let us know by writing it in lipstick on Rebel Rikkit’s rear-view mirror. (N.B. that is NOT a euphemism).

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  1. I have no idea what the answer is but I saw that Julee Cruise live once, she was singing with The B52s as a stand-in for Cindy. They didn’t do the Twin Peaks cover in a B52s style which would’ve been great. Another of my favourite bands have covered that Twin Peaks song though.

  2. The boy Gedge, eh? Well, Twin Peaks is the the key to this week’s link. That, and the keyboardist in The Pleasure Seekers… I bet Texas Paul knows.

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