What were we to make of it all? In these days of transition where a feeble Art Deco concert hall could be so transformed to house a famed starlet from another more elegant land who would cast a mystic mirage on us and take us on a journey from which we would only dream of returning, in our nightmares!

Art Deco Anticipation

So it was that Rebel Rikkit, Chorizo Garbanzo, Mrs Garbanzo and Texas Paul were swept along the roller blade of emotion that was John Grant at The Liverpool Philharmonic on 22 November 2014. Where emotion met charisma and electronics met folk and classic became classic. The audience were engorged to rise and stay erect and remain proud until they exploded with appreciation.

It Was Rather Good Was It Not!

It Was Rather Good Was It Not!

This is the conversation that followed this momentous occasion. For the love of God listen to this as your life may well depend upon it!!  Listen and down load here or click the sound cloud thing below.


The Concert Moved Rebel and Mrs Garbanzo this far.


The Science

The Science

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  1. for me,he’s a classic heavyweight talent…a future bowie,gabriel,or even an elton type figure…it’s impossible to know how his future will play out,but i get the feeling his is of the long term classic heavyweight level….i love him.

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