Tune in to our latest podcast to hear talk of film soundtracks, colobus monkeys, plastic footballers with oversized heads, advice on how to listen to the U2 album and unusual uses for pencil sharpeners. Oh and lots of great music too of course!

You can download it here.

Here’s some of the stuff we played.

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  1. These are the cracking tunes we played on this show:

    1. Jackie Leven – So My Soul Can Sing (Songs From The Argyll Cycle)
    2. Milky Wimpshake – Patchwork (My Funny Social Crime)
    3. Juned – Groovin’ On You (Grace Of My Heart OST)
    4. Big Star – Kanga Roo (Rough Mix) (Nothing Can Hurt Me OST)
    5. Robert Pollard – Zoom (It Happens All Over The World) (Zoom EP)
    6. Los Estramboticos – Monstrilio (!!Puro Macanazo!!)
    7. Sork – Kick On Your Borders (Horseflies Flies)
    8. Making Marks – Flying High Forever (A Thousand Half-Truths)
    9. The Thyme Machine – The Amateur Taxidermist’s Bird (Top And Tail With The Thyme Machine)
    10. BaBe – Bx Betweenwhiles (Volery Flighty)
    11. Amy Rigby – Raising The Bar (Middlescence)
    12. Talking Heads – Love -> Building On Fire (The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads)
    13. Plank! – Grasshoppers From Mars (Hivemind)
    14. The Cat & Mouse Band – Alan Jenkins (Fridge Over Troubled Tortoise)
    15. Robyn Hitchcock – Comme Toujours (The Man Upstairs)
    16. Astralasia – The Desert (Wind On Water)
    17. Lyle Lovett – Old Friend (Deadwood OST)
    18. The Unthanks with The Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band – The Father’s Song (Diversions Vol. 2)

    And these are the current Kicker’s Questions:

    a) Why was The Brill Building so named?
    b) What was the dance craze Lou Reed tried to inspire with his song written when working as a jobbing songwriter before forming the Velvet Underground?*

    * Unless someone gets this right, we will play said song on the next podcast… and, trust me, no-one wants that!

    You might also like to guess which Corinthian Big Heads we got with our copies of The Thyme Machine’s EP – Playing Away With The Thyme Machine.

  2. […] Thousand Half Truths by Making Marks (as heard on podcast 26 and podcast 28 […]

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