It’s been 12 months since Trust The Wizards first came to the airwaves and after all the thrills and spills this has given us all, it is perhaps no surprise that the time is right for the first wizard solo venture.

The new year will see the start of a new Trust The Wizards blog feature where I undertake to present 2 Robert Pollard related songs daily throughout the year over on our sister site Kicker of Elves Extra.


In order to make my daily pick I will defer to the iTunes randomiser, which may well mean not all my favourite Pollard songs get to be included. There are currently 5,398 GBV tagged songs on my hard drive, but to avoid repetition I will avoid any live or demo versions and stick to only physical releases. I am also planning a future feature on the Suitcase collections so will not be taking tracks from any of these.

gbv itunes

You can check my progress and get your daily GBV fix through 2014 from 1st January right here.


About kickerofelves1

Wizard-in-Chief for Trust The Wizards music podcast and blog. Guided By Voices fanatic.

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