Every County In The Country Will Have Its Own Rock Song

A few months ago, we launched a campaign to attempt to resuscitate the spirit of civic pride. After discovering that some states in the USA have their own official rock song, we decided it was about time the UK followed suit. The blog post explaining the reasons for the campaign can be found right here.

The whole thing has gone pretty well, although we’re slightly disappointed that we haven’t been inundated with inspirational tales of citizens taking to the streets singing and marching behind banners to show off their pride for their county. But we’re convinced it’s just a matter of time before that happens.

We have now exclusively revealed our selections for no less than 5 different counties (or cities) and these can be seen on the fullsize map here.

Is your county on there? If not, then what are you waiting for? Get up off your backsides and do your civic duty by sending us in your own nominations for your county. You can do that by leaving a comment under this blog post or through the usual channels (email, TwitFace etc)

You know it makes sense.


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