The Wizards deliver an Album Review Podcast TTW 8a

One Wizard is absent due to illness (frankly they could not be more than 2 seconds away from a functioning toilet) still the remaining wizards solider on (one on a stool one on a throne, appropriately).

The Wizards review the Wire Album Change Becomes Us and

08. WIRE

Edwin Collins Understated


Sit back and enjoy the most entertaining half hour of your lives.

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  1. kickerofelves1 says:

    Fresh from winning our battle of the albums, Edwyn was on stage in Liverpool on Saturday. He was there supported by 2 bands that he is currently producing and a very natty silver cane. The first band, whose name I didn’t catch, were fairly nondescript apart from the fact that they were led by a singer who looked uncannily like Michael Atherton. They sounded much as you would expect a band led by Michael Atherton to sound. Next up was The Heartbreaks, from Morecambe, who I was aware of as they are on a great single released with Edwyn for Record Store Day – What Are You Doing, Fool? The band themselves seemed to me to be made up of 80% attitude, 10% haircuts and 10% songs – not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, they warmed up nicely and are definitely one to watch out for. I was particularly impressed with the bass player in a coat and the twirly dervish of a drummer. Then Edwyn came on front and centre. He sat on an amp for most of the songs, standing only for the rocking numbers that closed the set and the encore. He nevertheless was a magnetic presence throughout, joking between songs and singing like only he can sing. We were treated to all the Orange Juice songs we wanted to hear – Blue Boy being a particular highlight – and songs from across his solo albums – although sadly not In The Now. Finishing with a superb version of Don’t Shilly Shally, Edwyn left us wanting more. What a man!

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