Kicker of Elves, Rebel Rikkit (and Captain Skiffle) attend the Eels gig in Manchester on 18th March and deliver their verdict in a mini pod for your delectation.

There were some very poor photos taken which are here, but the good stuff is in the mini pod.  Do listen!

A good 10 minutes of chat was lost in the technical process but perhaps just as well as an overexcited couple of wizards cant  say enough about this gig.  Right click here to download or click through to listen online.  HERE

Here is Nicole Atkins


And then Eels themselves. Btw we did get the cover versions which were Itchycoo Park  (Small Faces) and Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac).


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  1. Kicker, I was excited to hear it’s not just my car that beeps whenever it is 4°C.

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