Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here is our latest podcast.

Trust The Wizards Podcast 6 on Mixcloud


The Wizards launch their campaign to give every county in the UK an Official Rock Song as well as discussing the merits of missing concerts even when you have tickets and then giving fashion tips to Unbunny. The Listener is continually courted and then puzzled by Kicker’s questions and much else in 1 hour 55 minutes of Hoopla!

Please be warned that Kicker of Elves gets a bit after the watershed on this one!

If you think you can deal with his potty mouth, then right-click and download this filth.

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  1. kickerofelves1 says:

    Track list: Don’t Look At Me (I Don’t Like It) – The Lovely Eggs / I’m In Pittsburgh And It’s Raining – The Vibes / Shrink – Adam Ant / Regs – Crazy Girl / I Don’t Wanna End Up In Cabaret – Stereo Electric Mistress / Silver Girl – Fruit / Gold – Robert Pollard / El Paso (Full Length Version) – Marty Robbins / A New Person – Peter Lyons / Never Trust A Junkie – Dionna / Good Morning Cut-Back-Britain – White Trash Empire / You Run Like A Girl – Unbunny / The Electrician – The Walker Brothers / New Alphabet – Eels

    Kicker’s Question #1: Who is the fine looking fella on the front of Babybird’s album The Happiest Man Alive?

    Kicker’s Question #2: Why did Robert Wyatt name the band he formed after Soft Machine – Matching Mole?

  2. kickerofelves1 says:

    Here is the link to the White Trash Empire site where you can download their album, which does have a title, Wizards, All The King’s Horses & All The King’s Men, for free:

  3. […] Garbanzo was at but did not hear a single note of), the wizards got to talking about this  on podcast number 6. Therein lie tales of gigs missed through drunkenness, unfortunate diary clashes, drunkennes, lack […]

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  5. On pod #6 Garbanzo & Rikkit enjoyed imagining Robert Pollard struggling to record a live album in a support slot. Little did they realise that the great man is all about self-awareness as seen here on a glimpse of Bob and the boys at a warm up gig prior to going on tour with Pearl Jam.

  6. […] alright, I’ll go and see them on the next tour.” (more on this subject here, on podcast 6 and podcast 8) Of course, there was no next tour for The Smiths and this was still fresh pain to me […]

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