Hello listener, or should that be viewer? Oh sod it.  Dear reader,

Kicker of Elves being in the grip of a romantic 2 week break with Mrs O’Elves in a Caribbean Paradise, it’s Rebel Rikkit here with the nation’s favourite weekly musical brain teaser that is Popcorn! Double! Feature!

Here are 2 disparate videos stretching 50 years of audio history.  First Marvin Gaye’s spiritual partner and David Ruffin (of the Temptations)’s physical partner, the majestic first woman of Motown (ok, perhaps not strictly the case) Tammi Terrell, and following her, the Indie Rock raconteur and controversialist, the fearless Mark Kozelek.

So, what links the two? If you think you know, make Rebel Rikkit’s day and punch Kicker of Elves in the face on his return. Then, tell him.

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