The wizards return with another bumper show that has more pop culture references than you can shake a stick at*, introduces a new musical genre that everyone has been waiting for (if only they knew it), and, without getting anywhere near the bottom of the bowl, takes an in-depth look at soup in rock music.


We also have some seriously good music from Wales, Scotland and very much elsewhere, played on all sorts of modern day formats. So, what are you waiting for? Tuck in right here and there…

* a very small stick, obviously.

Some of the physicality we played on the show:


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  1. These are the tracks we played in the show:

    1. Colour Me Wednesday – Shut
    2. Vivien Goldman – Private Armies Dub
    3. Datblygu – Gazpacho
    4. Oh Gun Quit – Head Bites Tail
    5. Lonely Tourist – The Ballad Of Paul Tierney
    6. MJ Hibbett & The Validators – Red And White Sockets
    7. The Soft Boys – Mr. Kennedy
    8. The Advisory Circle – Escape Lane
    9. Athena – Skalonga
    10. Speedy Ortiz – Raising The Skate
    11. Ex Post Facto – Ex Post Facto
    12. Stephen Hero – Golden

    Kicker’s Questions:

    a) Which future rock star first performed under the moniker ‘Jeff Starship’?
    b) Which John Cale track mentions a ‘bugger in the short sleeves’ and who was that ‘bugger’?

  2. My contribution to the “Are first albums always the best one?” debate: partly inspired by your old mention of it…

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