In this hard-working podcast for hard-working families the wizards reveal the songs that politicised them personally, songs they feel have particular political relevance to the current election, great songs that explore particular political issues, and some other political songs that they like.

There is also live studio chat with a leading figure from Bolton’s Rastafarian community.

jah rikkit talks riddim with chorizo garbanzo

jah rikkit talks riddim with chorizo garbanzo

You can hear this first of two quick-fire political podcasts right here and we would urge you to vote for your local wizard without fail.

Some of the physicality we played and talked about on the show:

IMG_0905 IMG_0907 IMG_0906

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That Political Pollard Playlist we mentioned:

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  1. The songs we played this time were:

    1. Alice Cooper – Elected
    2. The Redskins – Red Strikes The Blues
    3. The Newtown Neurotics – Living With Unemployment
    4. McCarthy – I’m On The Side Of Mankind As Much As The Next Man
    5. Guided By Voices – Sing For Your Meat
    6. Thee Cee Cees – Iain Duncan Smith’s Weeping Haemorrhoids
    7. Easterhouse – Get Back To Russia
    8. Kendrick Lamar – Fuck Your Ethnicity
    9. Jah Rikkit – Wife Sez Jah (Feral Kids In Aldi)
    10. Lee Hazlewood – Save Your Vote For Clarence Mudd
    11. Reason Breeds Monsters – Keep Eating
    12. Johnny Cash – Ragged Old Flag
    13. Tom Waits – Road To Peace
    14. The Proclaimers – S.O.R.R.Y.
    15. Fela Kuti & Afrika 70 – Zombie

  2. Will Neville says:

    Love the “Exhuming McCarthy” reference!

  3. […] the best anti-Iraq war protest song I’ve heard and one that you can hear us discussing in our political podcast earlier this […]

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