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We’ve got 2 more videos for you this week. What could possibly connect loveable moley Karl with king of the surf guitar Dick? Contact us if you know and remember to show your working out.

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  1. Is it that they both play guitar and drums on their own records?

  2. Is it that both Karl Wallinger and Dick Dale are playing left handed?

  3. Paul, you’ve very nearly got it. It’s not just that they play left-handed. Unlike most southpaw guitarists, they don’t bother restringing it which means that they just play the chord shapes upside down. I chose these particular clips because you can see them doing just that. I started learning the guitar this way (because I’m left handed and it was someone else’s guitar) but then once I started got past the first 4 or 5 chords, I had to switch to playing right-handed because it’s pretty much impossible to make bar chords upside down!
    Kicker, your answer is good but it’s not right. It’s quite possibly a correct answer but it wasn’t the correct answer I was looking for. KW played pretty much every instrument on the early albums, less so on the later ones. Didn’t know that DD played anything other than guitar but if you say he did, then you’re probably right.

  4. Dick plays drums, bass (with drumsticks), guitar and trumpet live. What a guy!

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