23 years ago, I saw Faith No More at the Reading Festival and as I watched the lead singer risking life and limb climbing way up the scaffolding on the side of the stage, it was clear that here was a man who was not going to conform to anybody’s stereotypes!

I’m not sure I know what the obvious career path is after you’ve been the lead singer in a hit-making rock band but I do know that it doesn’t usually include making experimental records for a while and then teaming up with an orchestra and making an album of Italian pop songs of the 1960s. Nevertheless, that is what Mike Patton did and good on him for that because I bloody love it. He’s always been a man who likes to test the limits of what the human voice is capable of.

Here’s a cracking live version of a song that was on my “Best of 2010” compilation CD. It’s called “20 km al giorno” from his highly recommended album “Mondo Cane”

Big that white suit. Prego.

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