Time to open yer little window on day 3 of our musical advent calendar right now.

Taken from Rebel’s “Best of 2012” selection, it’s Wizards’ favourite, Stephen Jones, on his last Babybird outing.

This selection caused much controversy on podcast 4 when it was revealed that the release date was in 2011. The board of governance that controls the podcast has been considering this all year and has concluded that the rules on end of year mixes can include releases in December. Rebel was so clueless that he is not aware of the release date in any case so it would not have helped but it is hoped that the same controversy can be avoided this year.  Taken from, what Jones threatens to be, the last Babybird album and featuring Johnny Depp on guitar!

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  1. Of course this fantastic album was released in October 2011, which is why Kicker had a track from it on his best of 2011 mix. Still, it’s a great song that deserves recognition. The Strummer rule does not apply here though.

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