Our latest podcast takes you behind the scenes with a bunch of old farts, no not the wizards…


bob dylan

We also venture into the teenage Chorizo Garbanzo’s lair, learn about Rebel Rikkit’s aversion to very high heights and hear about Kicker’s latest favourite Robert Pollard side project.

There’s also a rational and reasoned debate about the various qualities of current football pundits [this may well not be rational or reasoned and may involve justifiably lengthy personal attacks – TTW Ed.]

Oh, and we also once again forgot to say hello to listener Lee Anthony Beet, so hello LAB (as everyone calls you. Probably).

Listen in and download on this link or below:

Some of the physicality played on this show:


And here’s that photo of Chorizo’s teenage bedroom circa 1989…


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  1. Those all important tracks were:

    1. Frank Black & The Catholics – Changing Of The Guard
    2. JPNSGRLS – A Comprehensive List Of Things I Love
    3. The 99 Degree – Dead Or Alive
    4. The Chesterfields – Ask Johnny Dee
    5. Bikini Kill – Feels Blind
    6. 6ix Toys – Do Your Thing
    7. ESP Ohio – Royal Cyclopean
    8. Extra Curricular – Robbin Hood (Lack Of Afro Remix)
    9. Big Star – O My Soul
    10. Half Man Half Biscuit – Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes
    11. Reason Breeds Monsters – Ballad Of A Carbon Cowboy
    12. Lambchop – Howe
    13. My Pleasure – Fleece The Gullible

    The easy to understand (if not answer) Kicker’s Question was:

    What inspired John Lydon to release Metal Box in a metal box (or more specifically who)?

  2. We need to see that photo of the bedroom…!

  3. […] this gig. Duck, you suckers, here come The 99 Degree. We played their song “Dead or Alive” on our podcast number 67 back in 2016 and I’ve been keeping an eye on their social media channels ever since trying to […]

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