This time round, prepare yourself for a dramatic rendering of the time that everyone’s favourite Staten Island crew came to Yorkshire.

ain't nowt ta fook wi'

ain’t nowt ta fook wi’

In addition, Rebel Rikkit interviews a lively personality, Kicker goes all Italian, and Chorizo treats us to another festival anecdote to die for (or possibly, during). There’s also a load of great music both old and new, another album review and at least one Ted Chippington joke.

If you think this is for you, and why wouldn’t it be, then click here to download or stream the night away.

Some of the physicality we played and talked about on the show:


DSCF7950 DSCF7949

IMG_0831 IMG_0832 IMG_0833

IMG_0835 IMG_0834


nothing more rock n roll than this

nothing more rock n roll than this

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  1. This show went like this:

    1. King Curtis – Instant Groove
    (or The Mountain Goats – My Favorite Thing)*
    2. Wu Tang Clan – For Heaven’s Sake
    3. The French – The Wu Tang Clan
    4. Millie Jackson – Phuck U Symphony
    5. Ravioli Me Away – Good Team Player
    6. The Clash – Career Opportunities
    7. Ian Humberstone – Flame Licks Through The Book Of Charms
    8. The Ship-Tones – Dilemma (feat. Edwyn Collins)
    9. The Efts – Your Turn Now v3.4
    10. Charles Howl – I Love You
    11. The Damned – Noise Noise Noise
    12. Tricky – Bad Dreams
    13. The Fall – Printhead
    14. The Decemberists – The Singer Addresses His Audience
    15. Tredici Bacci – Sesso In Futuro
    16. Luke Haines – Adentures In Dementia

    Kicker’s Questions:

    a) Which Elvis Costello track features Mick Jones on guitar?
    b) What connects the October 1990 National Geographic V178 #4 (pictured above) with rock n roll?

    * the download opens with King Curtis, the soundcloud player with The Mountain Goats

  2. The Efts says:

    Thanks for including us! We love your devotion to music.

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