This is the podcast where the wizards finally tackle the really big subjects: religion, politics, moral dilemmas, and the curse of the double negative.


In this, the first proper show of the year, you’ll find the usual eclectic mix of music, an unusually pacey quiz and the inauguration of two new ‘county rock songs’ amongst a whole load of other shenanigans including an exciting new wizard project.

So much stuff, in fact, that we thought about dividing the pod into two more manageable slices of aural excitement. But bollocks to that, gorge yourself on this great big monster of a podcast.

Hope you don’t choke.

Here are a few of the records that feature:

DSCF3374 DSCF3373 DSCF3372 DSCF3369 DSCF3368 DSCF3367 DSCF3366 DSCF3364 DSCF3363

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  1. The tracks in the order they were played:

    1. Never Understand – The Jesus & Mary Chain
    2. Tea People – Robert Pollard
    3. Bottle Rocket – The Go! Team
    4. Aegis (Live) – The Bridewell Taxis
    5. Pink-Peg Slacks – Eddie Cochran
    6. I Know That Loving – Tindersticks
    7. California – Mazzy Star
    8. Lies Lies & Government (Parts 1 & 2) – Calvin Party
    9. Turn A Blind Eye – Half Man Half Biscuit
    10. Astronaut – Woog Riots
    11. Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus) (Live) – Drive-By Truckers
    12. Frozen Warnings – Nico
    13. Abstain – Five Thirty
    14. Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Bauhaus
    15. I’m Talking To What You Are – Broken Mountain

  2. Allah and the Knife Wielding Punks became Chic.
    The Stiff Little Fingers got their name from an American series called “The Invaders” which revolves around the character of David Vincent , who has discovered that the Earth is being invaded by beings from another planet. These beings have taken human form, and are virtually undetectable from human beings. Some of them however ” have an awkwardness about their hands – a mutated fourth finger” In short, stiff little fingers.

  3. Do I get the point if I tell you the name of the band?

  4. Will Neville says:

    Possibly my favourite podcast to date – some good tunes I already knew (JAMC, Eddie Cochran, Mazzy Star, HMHB, DBTs, Nico, etc.), but more importantly a few new bands/singers to investigate further – just ordered a Calvin Party CD and am intrigued by Woog Riots too

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  6. Fine work Texas but I ain’t sending out prizes for Kicker’s Question Time. It ain’t Chorizo’s Question Time is it? See Kicker to claim your prize.

  7. […] missed Ian Dury to great effect. A couple to watch, I think. After 11 minutes of Calvin Party on podcast number 20 we received a post bag full of praise for the band so it only seems right that I point you in the […]

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  9. […] the wizards discussed on podcast number 20, this month they undertook an intra-wizard 1p Album […]

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  12. […] Podcast number 20 (includes Tindersticks) […]

  13. […] Podcast number 20 (includes Tindersticks) […]

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